Specialist Neurological Physiotherapy


Assessment & Treatment

Assessment and treatment sessions normally last one hour but can be longer or shorter depending upon individual needs.

Physiotherapy assessment seeks to evaluate your current movement capabilities and restrictions in order to establish any problems that may be amenable to physiotherapy intervention. This involves asking you some questions related to your current movement / functional problems and how these affect your daily life.

Following this a thorough analysis of your movement which involves observation of specific movements, along with handling of your limbs / trunk enables us to identify deficits such as weakness, stiffness, incoordination and abnormal muscle tone. In order to do this effectively you may be asked to wear suitable clothing eg. shorts, sleeveless tops etc.

Following assessment any problems identified will be discussed along with the potential for improvement with physiotherapy. Treatment options will be discussed and these may include hands on movement re-education, a home programme of exercises / activities with appropriate monitoring or, specific advice in relation to posture, movement and activities that may be beneficial for the particular deficits identified. There will be regular review of the number and length of physiotherapy sessions required and this will be discussed with you.

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Clinic Sessions

Assessment and treatment session in the clinic allow us to develop specific aspects of movement control with flexibility to use a range of postures and movement activities to achieve this.

Clinic sessions are available at:
The Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic

Quarryside House

Middle Farm Square


NE23 1BA


Home Visits

Physiotherapy can be delivered within an individual’s home environment on the basis that it is either preferable to them for practical reasons or that there are certain benefits to working in the home environment such as developing a particular functional skill.

In some cases an occasional home based session can be useful in reinforcing a home programme based on work done within the clinic.